"I’m ten steps ahead but when everyone catches up I fall ten steps back disappointed of what I’ve seen but no one listens they have to see for themselves where they are heading it kills me to watch so I take twenty steps forward again to pass on by"

Aquarius horoscope for Apr, 08, 2014 (The DailyHoroscope by Comitic)
Aquarius horoscope for Apr, 08, 2014 
When an individual chooses to “multi-task,” he or she does not do two or more things equally well - that person usually puts divided efforts into each thing. You may now have two goals that you are working on. Yet each of these deserves (and requires) your complete devotion and dedication. Yet in your fast-paced world, Aquarius it is hard (or perhaps impossible) to devote your full attention to two things at the same time. That’s why you may have to choose one - yes, just one - thing to pursue right now. Find a way to prioritize.

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Aquarius horoscope for Mar, 29, 2014 (The DailyHoroscope by Comitic)
Aquarius horoscope for Mar, 29, 2014 
You can be a very selfless person. You are a humanitarian by nature, and you often use your own time and resources to help others get further ahead. This sometimes drains you emotionally, physically, and perhaps even spiritually. That’s why it is so essential to replenish yourself on a regular basis. This may mean indulging in something you want, or taking time to exercise and eat right, or to just go out and play now and then! Take care of yourself, Aquarius, and you can then take better care of those you love.

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