Aquarius horoscope for Apr, 08, 2014 (The DailyHoroscope by Comitic)
Aquarius horoscope for Apr, 08, 2014 
When an individual chooses to “multi-task,” he or she does not do two or more things equally well - that person usually puts divided efforts into each thing. You may now have two goals that you are working on. Yet each of these deserves (and requires) your complete devotion and dedication. Yet in your fast-paced world, Aquarius it is hard (or perhaps impossible) to devote your full attention to two things at the same time. That’s why you may have to choose one - yes, just one - thing to pursue right now. Find a way to prioritize.

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Aquarius horoscope for Mar, 29, 2014 (The DailyHoroscope by Comitic)
Aquarius horoscope for Mar, 29, 2014 
You can be a very selfless person. You are a humanitarian by nature, and you often use your own time and resources to help others get further ahead. This sometimes drains you emotionally, physically, and perhaps even spiritually. That’s why it is so essential to replenish yourself on a regular basis. This may mean indulging in something you want, or taking time to exercise and eat right, or to just go out and play now and then! Take care of yourself, Aquarius, and you can then take better care of those you love.

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NY or FL

I don’t know if I’m coming back to New York , what’s truly there for me aside my family ? I could start a whole new life out here which I’ve already been and if those who truly cared about me did I’m sure I would’ve had my phone blown up and people dying to talk to me saying how they miss me but I think I was the only one missing everyone else and being out here has taught me a lot so I ain’t co signing any bullshit anymore just straight up and if you don’t like it kick rocks because now I know who I mean something to and who I don’t and it is honestly insane how substances of any kind really do cloud your mind because all I see are people who don’t know who the fuck they are anymore it’s pretty sad I remember being there but I’m back and still coming back nothing feels more amazing than that not a single high out there can beat something so pure and real , fuck all those who said I meant something and never gave a fuck. I was unable to contact for 74 days and once I announced I’m able to again who really tried communicating? Because I chose life and to be successful and truly happy I’m deaded? Which just goes to show me why you only kept me around. I hope you fuckers find your way and get it together I really do you might think were young so let’s live it up do drugs but you don’t realize how much of life you are truly missing by doing so and opportunities that were presented you could’ve taken and made a life changing beautiful choice that was a memory forever but decide to live in the blindness and play personas which we believe while high that’s who we want to be but there is nothing wrong with who we already are. I’m ranting just had to vent a bit fucking fuckers I thought I had friends but we were all just running buddies and entertainment for one another huh ? Thank you to those I can say we share love and bonds, you are rare breeds and I’m grateful.

Insane difference right? Stepped out of my comfort zone got my hair cut and feel myself being who I truly am and actually okay with myself comfortable in my own skin which has been years since

Anonymous asked:
your going away to rehab?

Yea I hopped on a plane about 90 days ago and decided to take my life back , was really fucking hard at first but took leaps and bounds drastically and couldn’t be better, I’ve been living in Fort Lauderdale Florida now but would like to visit New York again real soon